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July  2014


The Third Quarter 2014 Update From Your Global Affiliates Vice President 


Fellow Retirees,

With your enthusiastic support, we’ve done it! – We’ve eliminated the “UN” in our name and going forward will be known as the CRA’s GLOBAL AFFILIATES AREA. A BIG thank you to everyone for your comments and suggestions.

Of course, this means a change in our website address (URL). For those of you who have access to the Internet, you can now reach us at Be sure to enter this new address in your “Favorites” (“Bookmarks” in Firefox and Chrome) list on your web browser to ensure easy access.

The direct link to the newsletter is

I’m also pleased to announce that effective with this newsletter we have 38 new members to welcome to our family.

Gerald Ahrens

Ken Knoblock

Don & Jeanne Allen

John Mayhew

Susan & James Alvillar

Patrick & Ann McHazlett

Robert & Patricia Brown

Enver Medhedbastch

Richard Brammer

Gloria Miller

Avis Carlson

Irvin & Carla Nash

Thomas & Phyllis Clugston

Bill Ott

Robert & Connie Duncan

Roy Ricks

Royce & Karen Elliott

Bill & Betty Samuel

Jerome Firpo

Donald & Norie Turner

Gordon Graves

RW & Marcelyn Willis

Loretta Harvey

Maudeen Wright

Louise Hanzon

Norman Yoast

Dusty & Margie Holman

And, one final note – dues. The good news is that over 80% of our members are current and many have taken advantage of the 5-year, 12.5% discount of $35. However, we haven’t heard from about 8% of you who are in arrears since 2012. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue your newsletter much longer so I urge you to renew now. For those of you who have not renewed your 2013 membership, please take a minute, and renew today.

Let us hear from you soon! Have a great summer! Best,
“M J”

Maree “MJ” Stone Area Vice President


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Chevron Retirees Association
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1614 Girvan Ct.
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Chevron Retirees Association
 Global Affiliates

MJ Stone

Area Vice President


  Global Affiliates

P O Box 26406

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Email t

The UPDATE is published four times per year for dues paying members of the Global Affiliates of  Chevron Retirees Association. The Chevron Retirees Association is not a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, but an independent organization for retired employees of Chevron or it's predecessor companies

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